5 Online Money Earning Ways

In this lockdown due to covid 19 many have lost their jobs and in home without work , students are also in the due due to no physical classes people like this and choose this 5 online money earning ways latest 2020 (anyone or all) to make some part time or full time money from these options.

  1. YouTube
  2. Stockmarket
  3. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
  4. Selling photos
  5. Free Lancing

YouTube – 1st Online Money Earning Way

It is the first way we Discuss in our blog 5 Online Money Earning Ways .If You are a little talented person you can do some videos on the knowledge or talent you have And upload in YouTube. In YouTube it may some time to generate money but once you have focussed on the content you can can make so much money.

Stock Market

To Make money in stock market intially you need to have some money which is called as Capital. The capital amount should be minimum 10k . With that you can start intraday trading with some simple technical analysis knowledge. As a begginer you can keep a target of 300 – 500 per day, with some safe trades. This stock market trading requires basic – advanced knowledge as depends on you if you are part time trader or full time trader.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

In This Blog of 5 Online Money Earning ways This Way is the better way if you are not interested to come infront of camera Because some may feel shy or cannot risk your money in stock market. This Blogging & Affiliate Marketing comes in the category of Digital Marketing. To make make money in blogging you need a website and blogs on product or anything and keep affiliate links in your blog. This takes some time but if you are consistent in work you can get 20k – 50k even more monthly.

Selling Photos

If you are a good photographer, illustrator or vector artist you must definitely try selling your pictures which gives you good money as a passive income. The good quality pictures or vector arts can be uploaded in the websites like shutter stock, getty images etc. These pay 40$- 50$ monthly for the good pictures and downloads you get.

Free Lancing

This Free Lancing is the Best site for engineers who have some knowledge on website making, logo making etc. They can do the work which is available in the site you get paid by the clients for completing the work in this we can earn 100$ approximately for creating a website. Many Unemployers Can try this free lancing and can get paid by working from home.

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