How to start Earning in YouTube


Today in this Blog of How to start Earning in YouTube, you will know how you can earn money online from YouTube by making videos. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

What videos should you make for YouTube ?

If you have a doubt on what category should you make videos then think for two minutes on what talent do you have or any special skills you have. If you are a dancer then make videos on simple steps to improve dance or you can make a series of tutorial videos on  how to dance. If you are good at humor you can make standup comedy videos etc. you just need to think on what talent you have.

Here are some topic ideas you can make content on it for YouTube :

  1. Dance Tutorials
  2. Singing
  3. Making your own music using music instruments/making cover songs
  4. Standup Comedy
  5. Reviews (Movies, Mobiles, Gadgets etc..)
  6. DIY (Making use of waste to make something like decorative object)
  7. Short Films
  8. Animated Videos (if you know animation)
  9. Health Tips/Body Tips/Beauty tips like mostly based on health and body
  10. Prank Videos
  11. Gaming Channel like live gaming

These are Some examples on categories you can make videos to upload in YouTube. You can visit our blog which we have written on 5 Online Money Earning Ways. To know the Best Money Earning ways Online which Are 100% Genuine.

What are the things you need to have To Start Earning Money in YouTube ?

The Basic thing you need to ooHave to start Earning money in YouTube is Consistent and decent. Be Consistent in making videos regularly and try to make your own content

Things in the list may vary based on your category of making videos

Things Required to Make a video :

  1. Camera – You can record in Mobile phone too
  2. Mic
  3. Laptop – For Editing Etc..
  4. Softwares To make thumbnails and Video editing

Things Required to upload your video in YouTube and make money :

  1. Channel
  2. Unique Content
  3. 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch time (Which requires to monetise your channel)

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